30 Day Diet Plan

When you weighed yourself last week, you were surprised that you had added a few additional pounds. You were not a fitness freak but since you were petite you maintained a healthy diet and a weight that never was on the heavy side. The last few weeks had been busy due to a double family wedding event. In your zest and enthusiasm you had eaten well and thus a few extra pounds had visited you. You had young kids and a busy career; therefore you could not join a gym on a regular basis. While leaving thru a popular health magazine, you came across the amazing 30 day diet plan.

What are the factors to be considered before starting a diet plan?

You were bursting with enthusiasm and were all set to start the 30 Day Diet Plan, when you consulted your physician and had he mentioned a few facts that need to be considered before you start any specialized diet plan. These factors are:

30 Day Diet PlanWhat is your body type?

Most people on a whim start their diet plan and after a few days lose interest on pursuing it. Diet plans are not magical solutions or pills. The weight that you have added would take time to be removed. Also here you need to understand your basic body type. Some people have fast metabolism in their body and some slow metabolism. What is your body type? People with faster metabolism lose weight faster than ones with slower metabolism. Consult a doctor before you start any diet plan of any kind.

Do you have any serious ailment?

Many people with chronic disease like high pressure, diabetics or anemia start and experiment on a diet plan on their own. Very soon they become weak and their body system collapses. If you are suffering from any chronic disease consult a doctor before you start on any diet plan. Your will to lose weight is very positive but it should be undertaken in an accurate manner which would sustain your body.

Find out your ideal weight and your daily intake

Before you start your 30 Day Diet Plan you must find out your ideal weight which depends on your height and bone structure. Then you can calculate the extra weight and then work towards attaining it. Also review your daily calorie intake and then cut down on foods which are sugar based and enjoy a high calorie. In this matter you can seek the help of a professional dietician as well.

Support your diet plan with light exercise

When you are into a diet plan for 30 days, you can make it more effective by incorporating it with light aerobic exercises. Swimming and walking are good exercises and this would help you to lose weight faster. But do keep in mind to over exercise and exert yourself.

What are the basic things that you would eat in your diet plan for 30 days?

When starting your 30 day diet plan do not crash diet in any circumstances. The effect of this would be that you would eat more than reducing weight. Most diet expert’s advice you to have more small meals throughout the day instead of three big meals. Your basic food during these 30 days would be as follows-

Healthy Options for Breakfast

When dieting you should never miss your breakfast, as it is the first meal of the day. Some healthy options of foods to be eaten for breakfasts are:

•    You can enjoy oatmeal and skimmed milk for breakfast. If you enjoy a sweet tooth then you can flavor it with a quarter spoon of honey.

•    Traditional white bread can be replaced by brown bread. Instead of the whole egg, you can just eat the egg whites.

Low Calorie Lunch Treats

•    You can spice up your lunch with healthy green salads with low calorie salad dressing.

•    A fruity smoothie with skimmed milk would be yummy and the secret that you are on diet would not be disclosed to many.

Yummy Dinners

•    For dinners you can enjoy any grilled meat with a soup or a salad.

•    Another yummy option would be to have brown rice with a light chicken stew.

With determination and support from your loved ones, you would say goodbye to your extra pounds in 30 days. Immediately do not get back to normal diet, but maintain it for some time.